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New Media Spotlight – Sourcefed

By on August 10, 2013

Over the past few years I have developed a serious interest in new media platforms such as YouTube, Podcasts, as well as other media platforms that allow instant, on-demand mass syndication that was simply not available even as recently as ten years ago. I wanted to begin my spotlight on new media outlets with a YouTube channel that I feel embodies the spirit of new media in a way that many others have tried to emulate.

Sourcefed is a channel on YouTube created in 2011 by Philip DeFranco who became famous on YouTube as the creator and host of the Philip DeFranco Show. He has pioneered a growing media empire that includes the Philip DeFranco show, SourceFed, and their newest channel on YouTube, SourceFed Nerd. Recently, Revision3 (an affiliate of the Discovery Channel), announced that they acquired Defranco Inc. This will allow SourceFed and the other channels affiliated with Defranco Inc. to grow and continue to provide amazing entertainment.


SourceFed is a news & entertainment channel that focuses on bringing news from a number of different areas, such as world news, movies, video games, etc. to the masses. Each day (Monday – Thursday) SourceFed delivers five daily stories to their subscribers, with videos averaging from around 2-5 minutes in length.To date, SourceFed has created over 1,000 videos and continues to produce 5 daily stories on top of other shows, such as Movie Club, Table Talk, Truth or Dare and many more.

What really stands out to me and why I feel that SourceFed has become so successful is the array of personalities that host the show. SourceFed is comprised of 6 regular hosts, with Philly D and other guests occasionally jumping into the role as host as well.


Back Row: Joe Bereta, Elliott Morgan
Front Row: Trisha Hershberger, Lee Newton, Meg Turney, Steve Zaragoza

Recently, SourceFed was split into two different channels: SourceFed and SourceFed Nerd. This split has allowed for a wider array of content to be featured on both channels, bringing in new types of shows featuring all of the hosts (and a few new ones). The current split has Joe, Elliott and Lee as the primary hosts of SourceFed, with Meg, Steve and Trisha as the primary hosts on SourceFed Nerd.

I had the pleasure of meeting a number of the SourceFed crew at Comic-Con this year, including Steve, Trish and Phil. In addition to meeting them on the main floor at Comic-Con, I also attended a live taping of their show, TableTalk. This was on my Comic-Con bucketlist and was a lot of fun to get to see these very talented and funny people in person.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for SourceFed, SourceFed Nerd, Philip DeFranco, and all that are involved in this wonderful show. They not only bring a fun twist to gaming and tech news, but also report on a number of stories that are very powerful. They are always appropriate in the way that they approach stories, with humor being abundant where appropriate and a more serious tone taken with stories that require it, such as their coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombings earlier this year. SourceFed brings news to a generation that has been jaded by traditional news networks and fills a gap that has been left by those that came before them, such as the now defunct G4/TechTV.

SourceFed is pioneering the way that the Millennial generation consumes news and offers much insight into many things that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Combining a love of tech, gaming and film with the more serious topics. They are absolutely one of my favorite YouTube channels, and provide a plethora of daily content that is funny, engaging and an all around good time.

If you aren’t familiar with SourceFed, there is plenty of awesome content to discover. Here are the many places you can get started with SourceFed:


SourceFed Nerd

SourceFed News (Blog)

ForHumanPeoples (Clothing)

Now that you’ve had some time to get acquainted with SourceFed, what are your favorite forms of new media? Let me know in the comments!