What’s Next for Boise State? The Era After Coach Pete Begins.

By on December 7, 2013

The time that we have all been dreading has finally come. Whether we are ready to accept it or not, Chris Petersen is no longer the face of Boise State Football. While I am extremely sad to see him go, I think all of Bronco Nation can agree that he has already put more time into the program than many expected going in. 13 years at any program is a long time (8 as Head Coach, 5 as Offensive Coordinator), and while I don’t quite understand why the University of Washington was a better fit for him than say a Stanford or UCLA, apparently the time and the job were right for him. Bronco Nation wishes you the best Coach Pete; we are going to miss your attitude and the professionalism that you brought to the program both on and off the field.

Now that Chris is officially off to Washington, Boise State is in an odd place. The school must move quickly so that we don’t lose a ton of recruits over the next few months, but they also want to make sure that they have the right guy.

Here is my coaching wishlist for the next Head Coach of the Broncos:

Brent Pease  – Former University of Florida Offensive Coordinator

Brent Pease

While Brent Pease hasn’t had the best year, recently losing his position as the offensive coordinator for the University of Florida, there were many factors in play that led to the wheels falling off of their season. A part from this season, Pease has been considered one of the best offensive minds in the country. While he isn’t my top pick, especially with others from Petersen’s coaching tree out there, he makes a lot of sense and knows Boise State. We could see a transition to the Boise State of old if Pease were to come back into the program. We know he is available and Boise State could probably get him at a bargain right now if they felt he was the guy.

Bryan Harsin – Arkansas State Head Coach

Bryan Harsin

Bryan Harsin has made quite the name for himself since leaving Boise State. He accepted a job at Texas as the Offensive Coordinator, and is currently the head coach at Arkansas State, leading them to a 7-5 record in his first year in the Sun Belt Conference. Arkansas State has lost their head coach each of the last two years, so I believe Harsin’s buyout may be pretty high. Another from Petersen’s coaching tree that knows Boise State; if Coyle thinks that he is the guy, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Boise State make a run to get him back on staff.

Rod Carey – Northern Illinois Head Coach

Rod Carey

Rod Carey has proven that he can win at Northern Illinois, and has led them to a 12-1 record this year (losing in the MAC Championship last night). While he isn’t necessarily proven as a head coach when it comes to recruiting and some of the other factors you can’t get a feel for in the first year of coaching, the man obviously was able to step in and make an immediate impact on the field. I think Boise should at least take a look at Carey and see if his personality is a fit for the Bronco program.

Chad Morris – Clemson Offensive Coordinator

Chad Morris

I understand that this is by far the biggest long shot on my list. Morris would have to be crazy to leave his position at Clemson, a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference, to come out west and become a head coach. But remember, this is college football and crazier things have happened. Morris has been with Clemson since 2011, and was the Offensive Coordinator at Tulsa the year prior. Before that, he was coaching High School football in Texas. This man has made huge strides in his career over the last five years, and it is only a matter of time before he takes the next step to head coach. If the timing is right and there aren’t any suitors in AQ conferences, a trip to Boise could make a lot of sense. His offensive mindset and proven ability to lead athletes would be a great fit for Boise. And remember, this is the man who coached Garret Gilbert to back-to-back 16-0 seasons, winning high school state titles both years in Texas. This man can work miracles.

Justin Wilcox – Washington (USC?) Defensive Coordinator

Justin Wilcox

Wilcox is my personal top candidate for the job. Last rumored to be making the jump to Southern Cal with former Washington coach Steve Sarkisian, Wilcox has a number of opportunities ahead of him. He could of course make the move to USC and remain Defensive Coordinator. He could also remain at Washington and reunite with Chris Petersen, the team that put together the best Boise State Football Team in history. Or, he could entertain the idea of returning to Boise State where he saw his greatest on field successes, this time at the helm. During his time at Boise State, Wilcox saw a 49-4 record, with those losses all coming by very close margins. Wilcox fielded what was regarded as one of the best defensive units in the country during his four seasons with the Broncos.

Only time will tell what’s next for Boise State. Time and time again Boise State has proven they can win, regardless of who is at the helm due to the great track record of hiring the right person for the job, almost every time. I have no doubt that Boise State will continue their winning tradition. In the meantime, Bob Gregory (linebackers coach) will coach the Broncos in their bowl game, which we should find out where they will land in the next few days.

What do you think Bronco Nation? Who do you think should be the next coach at Boise State? Which bowl game would you like to see them play in this year? Let me know in the comments down below!

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    Steve Kenley

    December 7, 2013

    My favorite is also Justin Wilcox, for reasons like his proven recruiting abilities. He has, no doubt, created some new ties that could help to get quality talent from all corners of the country. However, one that’s not on your list could be interesting also, Dirk Keotter.

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      December 7, 2013

      Keotter would be an amazing get for Boise State. I would love to see him back in the program if he wants to make a move out of the NFL. He’s got a pretty cushy job in Atlanta though, so I don’t know if we have the resources to pull him away from there. I’ve also heard rumblings of Hawkins, however I don’t think that would be a good move for the program.

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    john winter

    December 8, 2013

    Pease is most likely. He did well at Texas given Mack Bown’s meddling and Florida had a rash of injuries to offensive skill players this year- Pease was fired as a scapegoat so Muschamp could keep his job….. Pease is still one of the top offensive minds.

    Harsin has $1.75 million buyout so what deep pocket alum will pony up?

    Wilcox can be a BCS head coach within 2 years if he stays at UW and Petersen improves the Huskies. He has a $1million buyout to go to another Pac12 team but I don’t know if he has a buyout for other teams.

    Koetter built on what Pokey created and is too many years removed from college ball– plus he will be interviewing for a NFL head coaching job.

    Dan Hawkins lives in Boise and does not have a job… but like Koetter, he would feel like a step backwards,

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      December 8, 2013

      I hear that Petersen is taking our DC with him to Washington, so unless Wilcox goes to USC with Sark he is out of a job. I would love to see Wilcox come in as head coach and bring in Pease as the OC.